3 additional rules for packing checked luggage defensively

Not only is packing defensively essential for air travelers due to government and airline liability standards, but due to the amount of electronic gear most air travelers take when away from home, rough treatment of checked and sometimes carry-on luggage, and airline luggage mishandling. Ned Levi discusses packing defensively to counter these problems.

15 travel emergency kit basics

Superstorm Sandy stranded countless travelers in the northeastern area of the US, which points to the need for all travelers to have an emergency kit. Ned Levi has information for you to create an emergency kit for travelers with his list of his top 15 traveler emergency kit basics.
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Top ten tips for healthy trips

Staying healthy when you travel is essential. Ned Levi has 10 tips for you to help keep you healthy during your travels, through planning and prevention. Ned's column includes numerous Internet links to help in your travel health planning.
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Allergy-proofing your cruise

If you're one of the 50 million Americans who suffer from some sort of allergy, there are ways to make your next cruise vacation easier on the sinuses. If you have allergies or asthma, planning before you cruise can help keep sneezes, sniffles, wheezing, and attacks under control while sailing the seas.