A surprise $600 bill for my Mexico car rental

Arjun Aiyer receives a surprise bill for an extra $600 after renting a car in Mexico. The company alleges the vehicle was damaged while Aiyer was driving it. But where's the proof?

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Passenger attacks others with ice cream, Delta grows in Los Angeles, Jetstar's 787 makes its debut

BootsnAll — Top independent traveler destinations for 2013

Every year, BootnAll starts the year out with their list of "Top Indie Travel Destinations." These lists are meant to be inspirational. They allow readers to think about places they may not have considered exploring.
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This weekend we take a look at how Orbitz decides what hotels to present when users make a hotel query, examine some of the best places to retire and discover some little-known credit card benefits.

The Travel Troubleshooter: Snared by the Mexican insurance scam

Ah, the old Mexican insurance scam! Regular readers of this column already know about this one. It goes something like this: You rent a car south of the border, believing the rate you’ve been quoted includes all mandatory charges. But wait. When you get to the car rental counter, an associate tells you that without insurance, you’re not going anywhere. So you pay.

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Spain air traffic problems cause chaos in Europe, European snow closes UK airports and slows trains, FAA re-approves Mexico airlines
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I thought car rental insurance was optional

For nearly a month now, I’ve been fighting to recover more than $280 from Hertz in connection with a reservation for a Mexican rental I made through Hotwire.
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Southwest launches partnership to Mexico

Southwest Airlines is dipping its toe into the international market by partnering with with Volaris, Mexico's second-largest airline. This arrangement is not a code-sharing arrangement that pretends Southwest has started Mexico service, but an hybrid, interline arrangement that allows seamless booking and transfer of baggage.
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Mexico downgraded by FAA, UAL, Continental settle lawsuit, North American airline capacity increasing

How do I know it’s safe to travel on my vacation?

There's serious crime and violence in many parts of the world travelers desire to visit. Ned Levi has suggestions on how to learn about the safety and health issues of the world's travel destinations.
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