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    Google and Microsoft join the fight against Marriott blocking guests’ MIFI

Google and Microsoft join the fight against Marriott blocking guests’ MIFI

When Marriott blocked guest MIFI units at one of their hotels to ostensively protect guests from hackers, guests complained. The FCC found indiscriminate illegal MIFI blocking by Marriott, and fined them. Now Marriott has petitioned the FCC to legally let them block guests' MIFI despite the law.
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What the end of Windows XP support means for travelers using it on their computers

Microsoft is ending support of Windows XP on April 8th ending security update availability for newly discovered vulnerabilities. As a result, as time moves forward, travelers' computers and data on Windows XP computers will become more and more susceptible to hackers, viruses and spyware. Ned Levi discusses these issues and offers possible methods to mitigate Windows XP vulnerability temporarily.
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What we’re reading: Grand Canyon Airport, bird’s eye view of Las Vegas, SWA ugly-sweater holiday pictures

Expanding Grand Canyon Arisona Airport, bird's eye view of Las Vegas, SWA holiday pictures with Microsoft

Why Google-ITA is like Microsoft-Intuit 1995

This post was written by Scott Cleland, who authors the "widely-read" PrecursorBlog.com and publishes GoogleMonitor.com. This story concerns the current antitrust investigation of Google's proposed purchase of ITA Software that is considered the Google of the travel vertical on the Internet.
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Bing Travel: “We save the average couple $50 per trip”

Hugh Crean is the general manager of Bing Travel, Microsoft's new travel search engine. Microsoft is trying to chip away at Google's search engine dominance, and Bing Travel is part of a multi-pronged effort that also include shopping and health-related microsites. Crean's company, Farecast, was acquired by Microsoft last year and folded into MSN Travel. I asked Crean about what Bing means to travelers.

Is Microsoft still interested in travel?

After shedding Expedia years ago, Microsoft seems to be dipping its toe back into the travel field with the multi-million dollar purchase of Farecast.com.
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