Stranded overnight twice on one weekend trip, and it’s not even winter

After the summer crush and thunderstorms, and before the holidays and snow, October is usually one of the least cruel months for airline passengers. However, these days, airline travel can be a nightmare at any time, even when travelers are smart and experienced. We’ve reached the point where it’s not even surprising any more. Here […]

Why airlines need travel agents

Besides the billions in income, airlines benefit from travel agents when things go wrong during travels. Airlines have been cutting staff, which means less customer service. So having travel agents dealing with many customer service and flight rerouting problems is a bonus for the airlines.

Automatic rebooking programs can automatically wreck your vacation

Instead of calling or lining up or even going online to have an agent rebook a flight where there has been some kind of travel disruption, travelers now get messages about possible or probable missed connections, along with a new alternate flight. The rebooking systems are good but, by no means, perfect.

Missed BA connection leads to canceled return flight

New computer systems are scanning airilne reservations looking for cancellations. When traveling, should you miss a connection, reconfirm your return flights the following day. It may save lots of time at the airport.