How cruise line cancellation and quarantine policies can exacerbate the norovirus problem.

As much as the media loves to report on the latest cruise ship norovirus outbreak, in reality, most people cruise happily without any health issues. Plus, to be fair, sometimes people who report feeling ill may also be feeling the effect of a few two many “Bahama Mamas” or the equivalent, not to mention sun, potential late nights, richer food than normal, etc. etc. However, for those unlikely cruises who end up on one of the unlucky cruises, it can be truly miserable. Even a day’s discomfort out of precious vacation time can feel much too long.

Going on a cruise? Tips to help you choose your cabin

Despite the recent bad news about norovirus outbreaks on four ships already this year, the cruise industry is still head toward 20 million or more passengers in 2014. While cruising isn’t for everyone, if you’re considering a cruise for the first time, Ned Levi has some tips to help you chose your cabin aboard your ship.

Cruise ships and norovirus: fact or myth

Three cruise ships were hit with norovirus outbreaks in January, and made major news headlines in much of the world. Ned Levi examines many of the facts and myths about cruising and norovirus.

Cruising: Prevent getting every cruiser’s nightmare … norovirus

Norovirus is very contagious. You can get it from an infected person, contaminated food, water, or by touching contaminated surfaces. Despite its contagiousness, even when some cruise passengers become ill from it, most on the ship do not, and most cruises are norovirus free. Ned Levi discusses the precautions cruisers can take to help prevent becoming infected with norovirus.

Top ten cruise myths debunked

Many travelers who might have a great time cruise, never consider cruising due to misconceptions about it. They’ve heard many persistent myths about cruising and have stayed away from traveling on the high seas because of their misinformation. As a frequent cruiser, Ned Levi has chosen to debunk his list of top 10 cruise myths.

7 cruise misconceptions debunked

Ned Levi examines the 7 major misconceptions about cruising which he is asked by many who haven’t yet cruised, and are considering cruising for the first time. Their questions concern costs, norovirus, ship board activities, seasickness, cruisers’ ages, and other cruising queries.

Sick passengers get the heave-ho on German cruise

Anita Dunham-PotterPoor sanitation can ruin your cruise. Just ask the 400-plus passengers who were stricken by a suspected norovirus outbreak on a German cruise liner this week. The cruise ended up being canceled, leaving passengers without a vacation. So how can an outbreak be prevented? The answers may surprise you.