What we’re reading: Westjet converts to metric time, best Caribbean all-inclusive resorts, court rules for airline in FF dispute

Westjet converts to metric time, the best Carribean all-inclusive resorts, court rules for airline in frequent flyer dispute

What we’re reading: Orlando to streamline border control, couple lands in wrong continent, Supreme Court to hear FF case

Orlando to streamline passenger processing, mix-up sends couple to wrong continent, Supreme court to hear frequent flier case

What we’re reading: Averting disaster-NWA Flight 85, Air Berlin joins oneworld, SeatGuru introduces iPhone app

Video of averting disaster-NWA Flight 85, Air Berlin joins oneworld, SeatGuru introduces an iPhone app

What we’re reading: Historic Vegas casino demolished, Report cites FAA & Northwest, Boeing develops VIP widebodies

Historic casino in Las Vegas demolished, Report cites FAA, Northwest, Boeing develops VIP versions of widebodies

Delta/Northwest/KLM: the lost reservations

When a client told Delta her flight numbers, the agent couldn't find a reservation. So my client assumed we had messed up the JFK-AMS ticket, or charged it without following through on the ticketing. Needless to say, I heard from her.
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Dear Secretary Napolitano,

In his letter to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, Ned asks for TSA to stop using the "politics of fear," and instead "make-over" DHS/TSA, its rules, regulations and policies using the "politics of courage." Ned suggests a number of steps Secretary Napolitano can use to transform DHS/TSA.
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New draconian TSA rules do little to improve aviation safety

Ned has reviewed the new TSA rules, put into effect after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to set off an explosive device on Northwest Airlines Flight 253. Ned has concluded the rules do little to improve aviation safety, while causing passengers at best serious inconvenience, and for many real hardship.
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Missed Minneapolis by that much: A few more laughs at Northwest’s expense

By now most Consumer Traveler readers will have heard this story: A Delta plane bound from San Diego to Minneapolis overshot the airport by 150 miles. The crew members eventually realized their mistake and turned the plane around, landing without further incident.
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Don’t let airline downsizing downgrade your next vacation

If you are one of those organized people who plan your other vacation in advance, beware of the involuntary flight downgrade. With the airlines reducing capacity, some routes may be eliminated completely.
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One time you should never listen to the airlines

I am fully aware that some readers will say "whenever you go to the airport." But there is one situation especially where ignoring what the airline tells you can save you a lot of time and stress — when a flight is canceled.
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