Working on the most recent DOT rulemakings for consumers

Through the rulemaking process, consumer groups prevailed and got tarmac delay rules created, the 24-hour rule became law as well as the full-fare advertising rule.

Important survey for DOT (deadline extended)

Let DOT know your airline ticket-buying experiences. The department is in the midst of possibly revising rules about how airline tickets are sold.
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The “Simple” World of Airline Booking Pre-2008

From the largest gathering of airline lawyers in the world — the top lawyers at airlines and some of the top aviation lobbyists meeting in Montreal.
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    Nickel and diming — a path to consumer discontent and DOT assistance

Nickel and diming — a path to consumer discontent and DOT assistance

The airlines should strongly support the most recent DOT NPRM that calls for more ancillary fee transparency. These proposed DOT rules will improve customer service rankings and ultimately make the skies friendlier for the free market and for the flying public.
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    After more than 1,000 days, Passenger Protection 3 is released for comments

After more than 1,000 days, Passenger Protection 3 is released for comments

A new DOT rulemaking, released after 1,000 days of deliberations, is momentous and will eventually change the way airline tickets are sold, how on-time and lost luggage is reported and how online travel agents interact with their customers.

Speak out now on the TSA’s full-body scanners

It’s been almost five years since the Transportation Security Administration quietly began installing its so-called Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) — better known as full-body scanners — at airports nationwide. And now the government wants to know what you think of the machines.

NPRM, the most important acronym in Washington

NPRM — Notice of Proposed Rulemaking — is the most important part of American governance that the public has never heard of. In school we all have learned how bills are passed, how the House and Senate must both pass the bill and then the President must sign it before it becomes law. But we don't learn about the next step — NPRM.
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Airline travelers’ 12 gifts of 2012

From a passenger's point of view, 2012 was on of the most momentous since deregulation. Airline consumers reached more milestones and the Department of Transportation (DOT) put into effect more passenger protections than in the history of the department. Here are a dozen changes for the good for airline consumers.
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Coal for consumers this Christmas from airlines and regulators

This festive holiday season is starting off dismally for consumers. Between mergers that are stripping competition from the airways and delays at DOT that hurt transparency of airline ancillary fees, consumers are getting a dose of coal for Christmas.
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Are we facing dynamic airline fees? Regulators examining new DOT rulemaking raise questions

Yesterday, representatives of the Consumer Travel Alliance, Consumers Union, National Consumers League and Consumer Federation of America met with the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to discuss the new DOT rulemaking that when released in the next 60-or-so days will create a new set of regulations that will change the passenger-rights landscape more than any government act since deregulation.
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