Booking connecting flights online — how it could cost you

Sometimes, saving money on airline tickets can end up costing travelers a bundle when the travel is booked separately and on different airlines.

7 tips when booking air travel direct with a website

Here are seven rules to follow that will lead to a smoother trip when using online booking engines for travel. It's amazing how much difference a piece of paper can make.
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Overbooked at the inn? The blame game and what to do about it

A traveler arrived at her hotel only to learn that it is overbooked. When given another room at a "sister property," she declined and showed the hotel their confirmation message. She eventually got her room; and not a bad one at that. The this raises the question, "When should you fight over your booking?"
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In a world of computerized rebookings, humans save a vacation from Isaac

The family had planned a late summer getaway to Turks and Caicos before school started after Labor Day. They were flying from Washington, D.C., and they were careful enough to book flights with plenty of connecting time in Miami in case of weather issues. Tropical storm Isaac still caused problems.
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Internet booking mistake? Why even good travel agents often can’t help you

Travel agents have control over bookings in their reservation systems. But a paid booking made directly with an airline, on their website, or by phone, cannot be accessed by an agent. The same goes for a booking from another agency, online or otherwise.

Dot bomb! How to handle online travel purchases gone bad

The roundtrip airfare from Brussels to New York on the European online travel site eDreams was €337 — until Alisa Schlossberg clicked on the “buy” button. Then it jumped to €592, creating an eNightmare.