Will your driver’s license be accepted by TSA at the airport in 2016?

Beginning sometime in 2016, TSA is expected to require Real ID compliant driver’s licenses or other compliant IDs to board US domestic commercial flights, which many air travelers don’t possess. Ned Levi explores the problem and what to do if your state doesn’t comply.

Emergency preparedness for cruise ship passengers

The Carnival Triumph passengers are home from their ordeal, but many unanswered question are still left. It’s possible to learn from the passengers’ experience to become better prepared to handle cruise emergencies. Ned Levi discusses concrete suggestions for cruise ship passengers to help them get through a cruise ship emergency at sea.

Hurricane preparedness tips for travelers

The Atlantic Basin hurricane season has begun. There have already been two tropical storms this year, one with winds just a few miles per hour below the minimum for calling it a hurricane. Ned Levi offers some tips for you in case you’re planning to travel in the “hurricane belt” during hurricane season.

7 common traveler mistakes to avoid

Many trips have some bumps in the road which need to be overcome. Many travelers can avoid mistakes which cause travel problems. Ned Levi lists seven problems travelers incur that can ruin their vacations and discusses how to avoid them.

Passport Card: Does it make sense to purchase one?

While Ned Levi continues to recommend virtually all international travelers obtain a passport, not a passport card as their primary travel identification document, even for Caribbean cruises, he found he had a persuasive reason to order a passport card along with his new passport.

Ned’s holiday gift suggestions for travelers

It’s the holiday time of the year and Ned Levi offers his annual travelers gift list. Ned has found some potential gifts which are definitely “off the beaten path.”

Are new Passport Cards a gateway to counterfeit citizenship?

While driving around San Francisco, a security researcher with a scanner captured and cloned Passport Card RFIDs. Security experts have stated the Cards are easily counterfeited. Ned Levi ponders whether any citizen should obtain a Passport Card.

Do new entry requirements need to be shown the exit?

The Department of Homeland Security has proposed new US-Visit exit procedures for foreign nationals which could seriously impact US travelers. Ned Levi examines issues raised by the airlines and General Accounting Office.