Weekend what we’re watching: Keeping airports open during winter, defining business class, possible pilot shortages

We look at how Scandinavian airports manage to keep their airports open even with days of non-stop snow. We have an explanation of what defines business class and discover that it is not too easy a class to define. And, USA Today takes a look at the possible pilot shortage new rules and low pay may be creating.

Weekend musings: Whole-body scanners faking it, round-the-world travel, coming pilot shortage

This weekend we take time to look into one of TSA's largest contractors being suspected of faking software tests to alter the performance of whole-body scanners. We take a close look at the costs of round-the-world travel and think about changes coming from a looming pilot shortage.
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Sunday musings: Downtown Vegas transformation, looming pilot shortage, benefit/cost for new TSA rules

This Sunday we read about changes in Las Vegas. Not on the strip and not in the downtown most tourists visit, but in another part of downtown. Is a pilot shortage coming for commercial airlines? And, is TSA's world of security for security's sake ending?
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