5 tongue-in-cheek fees the travel industry might consider

As the travel industry keeps coming up with new and creative ways to separate passengers from extra dollars, one of the airline industry’s ideas — priority boarding — has been taken over by an unlikely competitor, Greyhound.

Before you pay for airline perks in 2010 – consider a mileage run (and soon)

Now that most major airlines in the U.S. have figured out how to charge for just about everything short of the lavatories – and trust me, that could be coming – an airline ticket has become the equivalent of the base price in an automobile ad. By the time you add up the final bill, the price is a lot higher.

Are we becoming a nation of “entitled” travelers?

Don’t get me wrong, I find airline service cuts as maddening as anyone. And I can whine with the best of them when things go wrong during travel. But it does seem like in many cases of cranky travelers, the problem increasingly may be unrealistic expectations.