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    Sunday musings: Corvette’s illegal recordings, Air rage, slow electric-car sales

Sunday musings: Corvette’s illegal recordings, Air rage, slow electric-car sales

Corvette installs spyware that may be illegal. Air rage is examined. And, education deemed essential for electric car sales.

Why privacy is important for travelers

It doesn't take much consideration to realize that the security of your travel data is important, very important.

Why a consumer voice is important in travel industry dealings — transparency, comparison shopping, privacy

Today two organizations that most consumers barely know, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Open Allies for Airfare Transparency, are sitting down in Miami to discuss the future of travel distribution. In consumer-speak, they are discussing setting new technical standards that will ultimately determine how travelers will be able to purchase airline tickets, extra fees, hotels, rental cars, cruises and packaged tours.
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Call for U.S. DOT to act on travel privacy

Next Monday, 16 December 2013, the ACACP will meet to consider privacy protection actions to recommend to the Secretary of Transportation. Pursuant to the law which mandated the establishment of the ACACP, the Secretary must report to Congress on what the ACACP has recommended, and what, if any, action the Secretary has taken on those recommendations. So unlike many advisory bodies, the ACACP can set its own agenda and can not be completely ignored.
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TSA’s new Pre-Check program raises major privacy concerns

Privacy advocates and some consumers are uneasy about government trusted-traveler programs like this one. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be approved, and if you aren’t, you may never know why. And Pre-Check status is no guarantee that you can avoid a standard TSA screening, which includes a full-body scan or a so-called “enhanced” pat-down.

Airline passenger rights, a casualty of government gridlock

Today, the government shuts down. If it were one day of shutdown, two or three, it might not make much difference. But, one day of the government closing affects months of hard work and benefits no one. For travelers, it means passengers will have a harder time learning about their rights. Citizens returning from overseas and visitor arriving in the US will wait in longer lines. Future privacy protections will be put on hold possibly for months. And, airlines will be allowed more time to obscure airfares and fees.
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What we’re reading: What United knows about us, Delta’s wacky change fees, Expedia + Travelocity?

United Airlines is collecting lots of data about passengers and so are the other airlines? Why do they need to scour credit reports and other data to sell me a ticket? A blogger takes a look at irrational airline change fees. Expedia and Travelocity join forces ... kinda.
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Privacy? There’s no such thing on the road

Recent revelations of the National Security Agency’s sweeping domestic surveillance programs may have angered many Americans, but for most travelers, it was nothing new.

Safely post your vacation photos while you’re away, especially of your children

Posting your vacation photos online via social media sites, or online galleries while you're traveling can have serious unintended consequences. Ned Levi discusses the problems of privacy when posting vacation photos online, the consequences which can result from the postings, and what you can do to prevent those consequences.
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Privacy and travel — the DOT starts to take a look

The overall number of privacy complaints received by the FTC is something over 2 million complaints annually. The number of privacy complaints registered with DOT was zero. That's right, zero.