AA integration, parking costs more than flights in London, Qantas retires 747-400

American Air gears up for single reservations, frequent-flyer systems American Airlines is gearing up to integrate its reservations and frequent-flyer systems with US Airways. 2015 is the year American goes to a single reservations system and frequent-flyer program, said [American Airlines President Scott] Kirby, noting the airline is already operating under a single system for […]

Design flaw led to battery fire, SWA Denver rink opens, Qantas retires 767s

Design flaws led to 787 battery fire The NTSB said that the lithium-ion battery that caught fire in Boston on a 787 had design flaws and should not have been certified by the FAA. The National Transportation Safety Board said the battery, manufactured by GS Yuasa, experienced an internal short circuit that led to thermal […]

A whiff of other countries, Porsche transfers at Delta, Qantas goes retro

Holiday makers ‘jet-scent’ around the globe For those traveling abroad from London Heathrow out of their new Terminal 2, travelers can get a preview of the scents of some of the countries they’re heading to. To excite the globetrotters travelling through the new terminal and to celebrate its completion, scents of its most fragrant destinations […]

Dangerous airport landing, new Crowne Plaza rooms, gate to gate reclining

Pilot’s eye view of ‘dangerous’ airport landing Flying into Paro Airport in Bhutan is pretty dangerous because of the terrain. BBC’s Carmen Roberts got a chance to fly on the flight deck of a Drukair flight into the airport and shows us the pilot’s view. The descent into Paro Airport in Bhutan is one of […]

Knee Defender banned in Australia; AA says, "No to Orbitz"; Ryanair to bid for Cyprus Airways

Qantas, Virgin Australia ban ‘Knee Defender’ Qantas and Virgin Australia have decided to ban the Knee Defender. Both airlines issued statements confirming their stance in the wake of a highly publicised stoush on a United Airlines flight which saw the plane make an unscheduled landing and two passengers marched off. Sales of the Knee Defender […]

Australia to relax phone ban, intro airfare Boston to Hong Kong, future of Atlantic City

Australian carriers relax phone ban Qantas and Virgin Australia became the latest carriers to allow passengers to use their PEDs from gate to gate. The Australian carriers will hope giving customers almost continuous access to personal devices will increase their appeal as they engage in a price war with each other and other market participants. […]

What we’re reading: Mountain bike adventures, Qantas changes FF program, Mississippi casino to close

[youtube][/youtube] Three scenic, beginner-friendly mountain bike adventures to try this spring If you like mountain biking, even if you’re just a beginner, check out three adventures you have to try. The Flume Trail is Tahoe’s flagship mountain biking route, taking you along scenic vistas and incredible overlooks of the lake. You don’t have to be […]