Weekend what we’re reading: iPad decompression tests, rental car consolidation, Top 10 airports that spread disease

This weekend we see iPad testing for decompression, take a look at rental car consolidation and what it means for consumers and businesses, and list the 10 airports most likely to spread disease.
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Why car rental semi-hidden taxes and fees will only go up

It's not a surprise anymore to regular travelers — The advertised price for a rental car bears no relationship to the price you will actually pay, especially at big city airports.
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$10 a gallon gas in the U.S. Coming soon to a rental car company near you

Sticker shock at the pump is a common occurrence for U.S. travelers these days, as gas prices have crossed the $4/gallon level and are edging closer $5/gallon in many places. Make sure you are sitting down when you look at how much rental car companies are charging.