What we’re reading: Saving Yosemite, paralyzed man crawls for Delta, Republic to sell Frontier

A plan to save Yosemite by curbing its visitors

Yosemite National Park is one of the most visited national parks and it faces a common dilemma: how much human activity should be allowed?
The Park Service’s plan would restore more than 200 acres of meadows, reorganize transportation and reduce traffic congestion. To shrink the human presence along the Merced River, park officials are also proposing closing nearby rental facilities for bicycling, horseback riding and rafting, and removing swimming pools, an ice rink and a stone bridge.

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Chinese New Year in Vegas, AA to operate large regional jets with Republic, 787 battery blew up in 2006

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Jetstar staff charged with assault, undercover stint taught valuable lesson, BAA loses court battle