Sunday musings: An airline caste system, bad profits, round-the-world myths

We have a lot to think about. These first two articles deal with the separation between airlines and their customers. Slowly, passengers are finding themselves treated more and more as cargo. Human interaction, compassion and empathy have been eliminated from the equation of airline travel. Customer service has all but been eliminated. At the same time airlines are foisting fees on their customers that passenger instinctively know are unjustified. However, they pay the fees but wait for a way to "take revenge." Finally, a simpler, more enjoyable subject — round the word travel and its feasibility.
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Weekend musings: Whole-body scanners faking it, round-the-world travel, coming pilot shortage

This weekend we take time to look into one of TSA's largest contractors being suspected of faking software tests to alter the performance of whole-body scanners. We take a close look at the costs of round-the-world travel and think about changes coming from a looming pilot shortage.
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