What we’re watching: Ponies in cardigans, Ode to Joy, high-def Machu Picchu

Scotland has come up with some creative ads to bring tourists to their glens and dales. Ponies in cardigans has created a stir and is oh so cute. Here is a flash mob preforming Ode To Joy. And, enjoy the amazing super-high resolution photo of Manchu Picchu. Its detail is amazing — almost like being there.
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Help! My car rental company is taking me to court

Tracey Brown Osborne finds a mysterious charge on her American Express bill that turns out to be a repair bill for a rental car tire -- a tire she says she never damaged. When her charge card sides with her in the dispute, her car rental company threatens to take her to court. What should she do?
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Sick passengers get the heave-ho on German cruise

Anita Dunham-PotterPoor sanitation can ruin your cruise. Just ask the 400-plus passengers who were stricken by a suspected norovirus outbreak on a German cruise liner this week. The cruise ended up being canceled, leaving passengers without a vacation. So how can an outbreak be prevented? The answers may surprise you.