Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, Scotland: The Plague Comes Back to Life

The year is 1645. The most virulent strain of the Bubonic Plague has immobilized Edinburgh, Scotland, claiming the lives of more than half the city’s population. The area hardest hit: Mary King’s Close on High Street, a busy thoroughfare and lively 17th century street of pubs, shops and residences. Cries of suffering have replaced the […]

Mountain-town hotel, Unusual winter breaks, Cuba tourism thrives

This used to be a village from the Middle Ages. Today, it’s one of the coolest places on earth. Enjoy these photos of a town deep in the countryside of Matera, Italy, perched on a hilltop. An abandoned town has been reconstructed as a luxury hotel bringing life to a dead town once again. Where […]

Help! My car rental company is taking me to court

Tracey Brown Osborne finds a mysterious charge on her American Express bill that turns out to be a repair bill for a rental car tire — a tire she says she never damaged. When her charge card sides with her in the dispute, her car rental company threatens to take her to court. What should she do?

Sick passengers get the heave-ho on German cruise

Anita Dunham-PotterPoor sanitation can ruin your cruise. Just ask the 400-plus passengers who were stricken by a suspected norovirus outbreak on a German cruise liner this week. The cruise ended up being canceled, leaving passengers without a vacation. So how can an outbreak be prevented? The answers may surprise you.