3 new and useful travel tips

On recent trips, I have experienced some useful travel tips that I have not previously published or have seen published elsewhere. Rather than collect a few more to justify another 8 Great travel tips article, I created this quick read. Perhaps you will use these useful travel tips this weekend. Where are you going next? 3 New and Useful Travel Tips 1. […]

Code-share seat assignments create an airline Catch-22

Airlines love to tout the benefits of code-share flights. But the truth is, the only people they really benefit are the airlines themselves. For those who might find the jargon confusing, a code-share is simply a flight that shows it’s operated by one airline, but is actually operated by another. In some cases, the code-share […]

Your business class ticket isn’t changeable — but, airlines can change your seat

My clients decided on a splurge anniversary trip to Europe. While they aren’t frequent fliers and didn’t have credit card miles, they still wanted it to be special, starting with the flights. So back in May of this year, I booked them on a 90-day-in-advance nonrefundable business class trip. I found flights on United 747s. […]

Selling your seat assignment? Should there be an app for that?

Few topics stir up airline passengers like seat assignments. The days of “first-come, first-served” are long gone, as the best seats
generally go to frequent fliers or those who have paid extra. Of course this doesn’t stop some passengers for pleading their case at the gate or with fellow travelers.

Are families entitled to sit together?

Should gate agents prioritize families over other travelers who booked earlier and couldn’t get good seats? For that matter, what about couples who want to sit together? Or, friends? Or, business partners?

UA tells elite frequent flier, “Seat assignments are not guaranteed”

Recently, United Airlines has been changing seat assignments a day or so before the flight on the same plane with no change of equipment, only some kind of computer slight-of-hand. When seat assignments are purchased or part of a passenger/airline agreement they need to be handled as more than a courtesy

4 tips for travelers who booked summer travel early

Planning ahead for summer travel makes sense, but before heading to the airport, check out these four suggestions to make sure you aren’t faced with glitches from changes to your early-bird reservations.

Think U.S. airlines can’t offer a more stripped-down product? Think again

At some point not too far in the future, we may have a generation of air travelers who won’t even remember the days of free food and checked bags on airplanes. Today, even most longtime travelers are now used to paying for nearly everything that might remotely be considered an extra frill from legroom to […]

One more thing to doublecheck before a flight — seat assignments

For many travelers, seat assignments are one of the most important parts of a trip. This varies from the very frequent travelers who have “their” seats (I actually once had someone on a plane ask if I would switch since I was in his favorite), to more relaxed fliers who nonetheless cannot imagine flying without being in a window or aisle seat.