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    After more than 1,000 days, Passenger Protection 3 is released for comments

After more than 1,000 days, Passenger Protection 3 is released for comments

A new DOT rulemaking, released after 1,000 days of deliberations, is momentous and will eventually change the way airline tickets are sold, how on-time and lost luggage is reported and how online travel agents interact with their customers.

Airline seat fees separate mom from five-year-old twins

Ever since airlines added new economy-class seat reservation fees, they've insisted that the new charges would not lead to families with young kids being separated. And, I believed it — until I heard from Vicki Wallace.

Should I feel guilty for refusing to give up my seat to a family?

The passengers who paid extra for their premium seat have a right to sit there. They have the right to not feel guilty when a flight attendant asks them to move in order to make room for a family, and they don’t feel like it.

Death of airline competition by thousands of fee combinations

Airline executives giving speeches across the country, see the airline industry as the most perfectly transparent industry in the U.S.A. when it comes to pricing — it is a comparison-shopping nirvana. Airline passengers, on the other hand, say airline pricing has become so complicated that figuring out comparative air travel costs requires a spreadsheet.

The $7.8 billion question

How much does your airline ticket really cost? Admit it, you have no idea. Once you add the cost of a checked bag, a confirmed seat reservation and a day-old turkey sandwich, you’ll pay more than you expected. A lot more, probably.