What we’re reading: Frontier to start charging for carry-ons, airline mergers are not equal, Sky View Observatory ranks in top eleven

Frontier Airlines chooses the dark side, begins charging for carry-on bags Frontier Airlines is following Spirit Airlines’ lead by charging for carry-on bags effective Monday, April 28. They did mention that they are lowering their base airfare by an average of 12 percent. Frontier carry-on fee breakdown:* · Pay for your carry-on online during purchase: […]

Most beautiful ferry rides in U.S.A.

There are lists about specific cities that might be a distance away, lists about best hotels that I can never afford and then there are lists that have something accessible and affordable for almost everyone across the country. This ferry list has adventures for travelers from Alaska to Maine, from Seattle to Boston and from Lake Powell to New York

Swine flu sinks family’s Mexican cruise

Anita Dunham-Potter Christopher Ambler and his family were excited to escape the cool Seattle climate and catch some much needed sun on their Royal Caribbean cruise to Mexico. Imagine his horror to learn the family’s entire Mexican cruise was no longer going to Mexico and that it would be cruising to the Pacific Northwest with a stop in, you guessed it, Seattle.

Instead of service, imprisoned Portland passengers got the shaft

Many of you have heard the horror story about the AeroMexico flight from Mexico City to Seattle that was forced to divert to Portland, Ore. The passengers reportedly were kept prisoners on that plane for 16 hours because the airport “didn’t have enough customs agents at the airport to process the flight.”

Seattle airport aims to curb parking rage with new system

Imagine this: You drive into an airport parking garage hoping to find an empty spot near the walkway closest to the terminal. You see what you think is an empty spot next to a car. But when you get there, it’s either occupied by a motorcycle or a small car.