Clamping down on carry-ons? Four issues with United’s new policy

United Airlines is cracking down on carry-on overload. The airline will tell workers at security checkpoint entrances to eyeball passengers for over-sized bags. Plus, it is putting out bag-sizing boxes at airports before security.
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TSA’s improved Pre✓ lays bare serious TSA security flaws

Last week Ned Levi discussed the improvements to TSA's Pre✓ program, in which he participates, the new application system to become a Pre✓ member, how to apply, and how the program benefits travelers. This week he continues the discussion of Pre✓, its additional extensive improvement needs, and how it lays bare serious TSA security flaws.
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Reduce your TSA and border control airport hassle with Global Entry

Ned Levi reports that for those who enroll in Global Entry, getting through CBP passport control and customs at Global Entry equipped airports is a breeze, and as TSA rolls out its "Precheck" program nationally, Global Entry members will find it far easier, and less time consuming to proceed through TSA airport security.
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TSA’s 20 security layers — productive or beneficial?

TSA's Blogger Bob Burns has defended the use of their full body scanners at airports, after an engineer demonstrated how to defeat them, by saying the controversial scanners are merely one layer of TSA's 20 layers of airport security. Ned Levi describes and discusses TSA's 20 security layers.
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It’s March madness at the security checkpoints — did you pack your smile?

As March Madness begins, airports are filled with travelers looking to escape to paradise for Spring Break. The excitement, anxiety, and frustrations of trying to navigate through the airport obstacles to reach your final destination often collide right at the security line checkpoints.
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