10 annoying airport traveler peeves

Air travel is already stressful enough without other travelers adding to it. Here are Ned Levi's top 10 annoying airport peeves.
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    Sunday musings: Corvette’s illegal recordings, Air rage, slow electric-car sales

Sunday musings: Corvette’s illegal recordings, Air rage, slow electric-car sales

Corvette installs spyware that may be illegal. Air rage is examined. And, education deemed essential for electric car sales.

Wireless safety tips for travelers

Consumers should understand that the dangers associated with using wireless hotspot are paramount.

Large numbers of non-members in TSA Precheck lines reveal TSA humbug

Unscreened, unvetted, members of the general air traveling public are regularly being shunted into the under utilized TSA Precheck lines at airport security checkpoints. Ned Levi discusses what this means about US airport security, and what issues it infers.
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What the end of Windows XP support means for travelers using it on their computers

Microsoft is ending support of Windows XP on April 8th ending security update availability for newly discovered vulnerabilities. As a result, as time moves forward, travelers' computers and data on Windows XP computers will become more and more susceptible to hackers, viruses and spyware. Ned Levi discusses these issues and offers possible methods to mitigate Windows XP vulnerability temporarily.
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Sunday musings: Photo hot spots, airport security waste, funding airport growth

We start with an amazing series of photos that show the most photographed spots in tourism hotspots and not-so-hot spots. Next, we link to a story that questions security spending at airports and finish with a story about airport improvements that are currently be funded with a fee that the airports are working to almost double.
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What we’re reading: UK security confiscates Woody’s toy gun, Boeing builds 777X wing locally, explosive found in carry-on bag

UK security confiscates Woody's toy gun, Boeing builds 777X wing locally, Explosive found in carry-on bag

Sunday musings: Airline punctuality elusive, chance encounter with flight attendants, hotel security

We take a look at how incomplete delay data from the airlines doesn't tell the full story about schedules and problems with on-time arrivals and departures. Next, the travel editor for Conde Nast Traveler has a chance encounter with a group of United flight attendants and discovers some juicy information. Finally, hotel security is getting an upgrade with new abilities to monitor nooks and crannies of the hotels never before protected.
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TSA’s improved Pre✓ lays bare serious TSA security flaws

Last week Ned Levi discussed the improvements to TSA's Pre✓ program, in which he participates, the new application system to become a Pre✓ member, how to apply, and how the program benefits travelers. This week he continues the discussion of Pre✓, its additional extensive improvement needs, and how it lays bare serious TSA security flaws.
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When your credit card gets compromised at a hotel

A day after Sheilah Reardon checked into the Bellagio Las Vegas, she received an e-mail alert from American Express warning that her credit card had been compromised. Among the fraudulent charges: a $67 bill from an online memorabilia store.