On airports and airport security outside the US

I’ve been traveling constantly throughout the last month, spending time in Europe and Africa. During that time, I’ve passed through a number of airports and came in contact with airport security procedures and security officials considerably unlike those which we find in the US at TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checkpoints. For years I’ve heard complaints […]

European train security, punitive coach seats hurting airlines, LAX permits Uber

More ID, bag checks on Europe’s trains after foiled attack After the thwarted terrorist attack on a French train, the European Union (EU) is struggling to find the right balance between security and the free movement of passengers across EU borders. However, every solution only punishes honest, law-abiding travelers and makes their life more difficult. […]

Reviewing air travel security: FAA, passengers, TSA

Recently, there have been events through which we should evaluate air travel security, including TSA airport security. I’ve stated this before. Since 9/11, the two most important improvements in air travel security have been strengthened cockpit doors and passengers’ increased willingness to act to prevent terrorism on their flights. Neither of these security improvements are […]

GAO: US air traffic control system vulnerable to terrorist attack

Mercenaries set up a covert base of operations in a church near Dulles International Airport. From the church they hack into Dulles’ air traffic control systems, cutting off communication to the planes, and seizing control of all airport flight systems. They’re out to rescue a drug lord being extradited to the US. If that sounds […]

What are you thinking TSA?

December 23, 2014 — a Delta Air Lines baggage handler at Atlanta’s Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport was arrested and charged with smuggling guns past checkpoints to an accomplice, a former Delta Airlines employee, also arrested, who flew them in carry-on bags to New York’s JFK International Airport. January 13, 2015, — a Federal Aviation Administration safety […]

Air travel security: guns, explosives, and hidden weapons

Have you been in a TSA airport security line when a TSA agent discovers a passenger trying to bring a gun or other weapon through security? Have you been delayed while every TSO’s (Transportation Security Officer) attention, at the checkpoint, is drawn to the passenger with the gun or other weapon, bringing your security line […]

Is Marriott’s Wi-Fi hotspot U-turn a hollow victory?

As I reported last month in my column, “Google and Microsoft join the fight against Marriott blocking guests’ MIFI” Marriott, with the support of the American Hospitality & Lodging Association, has been fighting with the FCC over how hotels should be permitted to manage their Wi-Fi Internet access. Marriott, for reasons I will discuss below, […]

Sunday musings: TSA Genius video, knowing travel rights, travel fees to avoid

“TSA Genius” — A look into an Al Qaeda meeting TSA security, the part of travel that well all seem to dislike, is spoofed in this Comedy Central skit about an Al Qaeda meeting in a cave. The participants come up with idea after idea about ways to bring down a plane but, in the […]

Google and Microsoft join the fight against Marriott blocking guests’ MIFI

I’ve stayed at hotels that charge $20/day or more for high speed Internet access, charge extra to connect more than two devices per room, and had high speed Internet in name only, unless you paid an extra fee for “real” high speed. To eliminate those issues I use a personal cellular mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (MIFI). […]