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    European ski areas improvements, US airlines raise fares, Halloween around the world

European ski areas improvements, US airlines raise fares, Halloween around the world

European ski areas improvements with new lifts and lodges, US airlines raise fares as fuel costs drop, spooky Halloween cemeteries around the world

What we’re reading: Qantas to cut 1000 jobs, easy ski vacation ideas, Christmas in Las Vegas, Southwest, Virgin America to buy LaGuardia slots

Qantas cuts 1000 jobs, mulls future of Jetstar and frequent flyers

Qantas will cut 1000 jobs and will consider selling Jetstar, its low-cost subsidiary as well as its frequent flyer program.
After pleading over the last two weeks for financial assistance from the federal government, Qantas said in a profit warning on Thursday that the ”challenges we now face are immense.”

The airline will step up cost savings over the next three years, stripping out $2 billion.

Weekend what we’re reading: Colorado ski resort pot, Google travel? holiday airline fees

This weekend we look at how newly passed marijuana laws passed in Colorado and Washington State might impact ski resorts. We look at the travel information served up by Google. And, Consumers Union urges airline travelers to understand the fees airlines are charging this holiday season.

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What we’re reading: $10/day ski lift tickets, Boeing engineers may strike, cargo price fixing

$10 lift tickets at ski resorts in New York, Boeing engineers may strike over contract, airlines fined for cargo price fixing

Top 10 winter activities in Park City, Utah: no skis or snowboards required

Park City, Utah, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Utah Olympic Games this season in grand style. If you’re headed there for the skiing and snowboarding, here are 10 other Park City activities to add to your itinerary.
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An Olympian’s surprising Top 12 Alpine ski and snowboard resorts

Named to the U.S. Ski Team at 18, Bahrke, a native Californian, spent 11 years globetrotting for World Cup competitions and competing in three Olympics (Salt Lake City, Torino, and Vancouver). These days, she is squiring those with gobs of disposable income around one of America’s top luxury ski resorts. Though situated in the resplendent St. Regis in Deer Valley, her list of favorite places to ski range from the glitzy (Deer Valley, of course) to downright every-skier-or-rider, like Hunter Mountain.

Mountain resorts make skiing a family affair

Ski school has come a long way since Klein took her first turns at Smuggler’s as a child. Young skiers used to be an afterthought at many winter resorts, banished to the bunny hill or daycare centers while adults enjoyed the mountain. Not anymore.

Celebrating New Year in the snow

Whether you’re a skier (or a ’boarder) or not, consider heading to a ski resort if you want to join in an all-out New Year’s Eve celebration. Skiing is such a competitive business, resorts pull out all the stops to attract people during the Christmas to New Year’s holiday week and this includes extravagant parties, fantastic entertainers, fun child-focused activities, and spectacular fireworks each New Year’s Eve.

Weekend what we’re reading: Delta Queen comeback, epic western snow, pilots happy and mad

A change in House Transportation leadership means a possible Delta Queen comeback, epic western snow mean great early-season conditions, AirTran pilots happy, CO/UA pilots disgruntled
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Olympic Whistler’s top 10 must-do activities

Hilary Nangle explores "must-do" activities at Whistler, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Most of these activities are for skiers, snowboarders and those who don't have any intention of sliding down the slopes.
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