8 great (and possibly great) inflight products

You know, or should know, by now that I am a member of the carryon club: a strong proponent of

Emergency preparedness for cruise ship passengers

The Carnival Triumph passengers are home from their ordeal, but many unanswered question are still left. It's possible to learn from the passengers' experience to become better prepared to handle cruise emergencies. Ned Levi discusses concrete suggestions for cruise ship passengers to help them get through a cruise ship emergency at sea.
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15 travel emergency kit basics

Superstorm Sandy stranded countless travelers in the northeastern area of the US, which points to the need for all travelers to have an emergency kit. Ned Levi has information for you to create an emergency kit for travelers with his list of his top 15 traveler emergency kit basics.
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What we’re reading: $30,000 romance package, where to buy airline snacks, new SWA interiors

$30,000 romance package for Valentine's Day, where to buy favorite airline snacks, new SWA interiors mean six additional seats

What we’re reading: Airline snacking survey, iPads in every stateroom, air travel tax increase could affect small cities

Airline snacking survey, iPads in every Royal Caribbean stateroom, air travel take-off and landing tax increase could affect small cities

Staving off starving on domestic flights

Now that few U.S. airlines are serving meals on domestic flights, how are you staving off starving? This is where the Boy Scout mantra of being prepared needs to be taken to heart!