LCCs grow internationally in South America, Hotels struggle with data mining, National and Enterprise rank highest

Jetblue, Southwest and Spirit are increasing Latin American flights JetBlue, Southwest and Spirit are flying where the major airlines have weak alliances; that means South America. But the going isn’t always easy, especially in Mexico City, where Delta and Aeromexico have an alliance that is effectively shutting out competitors from good slots with good flight times. […]

Top travel videos 2012 from Vimeo

The staff of Vimeo, the competitor to YouTube for user-generated videos, selected some of the best travel videos posted during this past year. I have collected three of those selected here. The lead video, above, features a trip across the USA in three minutes. The second, a similar journey across South America. The final video here is vision of Chicago by night.

Purchasing airline tickets: A tale of three airlines

Ned Levi thought purchasing airline tickets with upgraded economy seating would be easy. It wasn’t. Ned discusses the difficulties he encountered purchasing airline tickets, with upgraded economy seating, through a travel agent, and also directly on an airline website. The difficulties were bad enough on the airline website, that the ticked purchased ended up being on a different airline than originally anticipated.

Travel Safety — Where can US citizens and other travelers get necessary information?

While information about recent events in Egypt affecting travelers was available on news outlets and government websites world wide, a dangerous situation in Chilean Patagonia was virtually unknown to travelers. Ned Levi discusses where and how travelers can obtain critical safety information before and during their travels, even when events don’t make the news.

Surprise flight changes separate cruising family

Anita Dunham-Potter Steve Simmons and his family booked the trip of a lifetime – a South American sailing from Buenos Aires onboard Celebrity Cruises Infinity. The trip was meticulously planned two years in advance and included custom air arrangements. Imagine his dismay one month prior to the cruise to learn the flight schedule had changed separating family members.

Brazilian cruise goes bust for hundreds

Anita Dunham-PotterLast month, over 100 passengers were denied boarding a Carnival cruise ship to South America for not having Brazilian visas. Sadly, many watched their hard-earned vacation dollars sail off without them. Why and how did this happen? Read about a disturbing cruise travel trend that all boils down to inexperience and ignorance.