Code-share seat assignments create an airline Catch-22

Airlines love to tout the benefits of code-share flights. But the truth is, the only people they really benefit are the airlines themselves. For those who might find the jargon confusing, a code-share is simply a flight that shows it’s operated by one airline, but is actually operated by another. In some cases, the code-share […]

Codeshares — good for the airlines, not so good for consumers?

Airlines love code-shares. They allow carriers to market and sell and advertise flights to destinations to which they don’t actually fly.

From a consumer point of view, there aren’t many benefits. But airlines are more likely to help out with a delay or missed connection if all flights are on one ticket. On the other hand, a codeshare flight can lull passengers into a false sense of security and have real disadvantages.

Lufthansa succeeds in uniting all German-speaking airlines

The final verdict was issued by the competition committee at the E.U. and now Austrian Airlines will become a part of Lufthansa joining Swiss to complete the German-speaking trifecta. This gives Lufthansa a solid footing in all air transportation routes connecting central Europe.

SWISS upgrades European fleet

In a stark contrast to U.S. legacy carriers bent on using airplanes until they are totally worn out, SWISS International Airlines is in a program of upgrading their European fleet.