Are FF miles a new currency? Should they be taxed?

During this last year, one of the biggest debates at DOT’s Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protections, on which I serve, was whether frequent flier (FF) miles should be taxed. Are those miles now a taxable currency? Should they be? The question surfaced last year when the IRS Tax Court upheld taxes collected for a […]

Tell AA and DOT you want a ticket and complete notice of airfare when you fly

Without a ticket, and the information contained on it, a traveler has no way of knowing which provisions of the tariff apply, and thus cannot enforce those terms against the airline. And the airline, of course, has no reason to tell the traveler about information on the ticket that might benefit the traveler in a dispute with the airline.

Consumers say "No" to increases in government fees and taxes on air travel

This is a letter that was sent to all members of the Senate Commerce Committee and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee regarding calls to increase fees on airline passengers. Let Congress clearly hear, “We don’t want any increases in airport, agriculture inspection or customs and immigration fees.” TO: Members of the Senate Commerce Committee […]

Newsletter – March 8, 2015

Thank you for reading Consumer Traveler/Travelers United weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here. A week in review: Unmanned aircraft (drones), Travel industry doublespeak, Rental car travel deal, More airport taxes, United miles, Southwest’s maintenance problems Unmanned aerial vehicles aren’t just coming…they’re here! And the U.S. has already fallen behind other countries in […]

Do we need to pay more taxes to support airports? I don’t think so.

The FAA reauthorization bill is coming up for a vote in about 200 days. Between now and then, there are a lot of issues that will be considered and that will impact airline passengers, airlines and airports significantly for the next half-decade. The bill includes everything from reform of the air traffic control system to […]

In 2015 tell consumers the whole truth about travel costs

There are a lot of lists of wishes for the coming year that are published at New Year’s. It seems everyone wants something or wants to change something. The turn of the calendar is used as a marker for change. But, Travelers United is not changing its wish list. Truth in advertising and making prices […]

Airlines howl about taxes, but they don’t pay them

As we come into the holiday season, when the spirit of giving spreads across the world, airlines are doing all of the taking. Stories about the airlines taking space from their passengers in order to squeeze in more seats on each plane have been printed in paper after paper. Stories about new ancillary fees are […]