Slow down, don’t move too fast when making online reservations

Thanks to technology, travel can be booked with a few quick swipes and clicks. For most people, it means the process is much faster. It also means more mistakes. Any reader of this site will no doubt be familiar with stories of a small error turning into a big problem. And many of those problems […]

New JetBlue Apple Watch app, cruise for techies, Adventure Pass for Morro Bay

JetBlue introduces Apple Watch app JetBlue announced that it has launched an app for the Apple Watch. The new app works in conjunction with Passbook functionality on the iPhone and offers a variety of features that can be used before, during, and after a flight. Features include: glance screen, which includes flight information, terminal and […]

No more lost luggage? It’s not science fiction

Lost luggage may soon become as rare as lost airline tickets — or, at least, you’d think so when you talk to someone like Randal Collins. Collins, a flight attendant based in Chicago, left his iPad on a recent flight. He had tagged it with a $25 device called Tile that emits a wireless signal […]

Escaping the dinosaur age, no need for 757 MAX, US airline mergers

The hotel industry’s race to escape the dinosaur age You step into your hotel room and you notice that almost everything is antiquated: from the old style alarm clock to the paper room service menu. If you go to independent hotels such as the Aria in Las Vegas, everything in your room uses the latest […]

Hi-tech Hotels: Tomorrow’s technology in present-day hotels

Tablet computers, flatscreens, 3D games’ consoles – at this time of the year modern technology will be on many Christmas lists. While iPad & Co. are already part of the basic equipment of technology-lovers many hotels are going even further. How about room keys replaced by iris scans, mood pads or exercising for your morning coffee?

The new airline Luddites

Once, airlines were at the cutting edge of technology. Flying was the first step to outer space. Autopilot controls let aircraft captains relax across vast oceans. Radar allowed planes to fly through clouds with no visibility. Can you remember the last “gee wiz” moment you had while flying?