No more lost luggage? It’s not science fiction

Lost items are a top annoyance on the verge of being eliminated, according to technology experts. Tracking technology is changing the world of lost and found.
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    Escaping the dinosaur age, no need for 757 MAX, US airline mergers

Escaping the dinosaur age, no need for 757 MAX, US airline mergers

Hotels are escaping the dinosaur age and embracing technology, Boeing sees no need for updated 757, a timeline of US airline mergers

What we’re reading: Are pilots too dependent on technology? Is TSA incompetent? Flights canceled in northeast US

Are pilots too dependent on technology? Is TSA incompetent? Flights canceled in Northeast US

Hi-tech Hotels: Tomorrow’s technology in present-day hotels

Tablet computers, flatscreens, 3D games' consoles - at this time of the year modern technology will be on many Christmas lists. While iPad & Co. are already part of the basic equipment of technology-lovers many hotels are going even further. How about room keys replaced by iris scans, mood pads or exercising for your morning coffee?
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Sunday musings: Commute of the future, air amenities of the future, airlines should look to Google

This Sunday we give you three articles to get creative and thoughtful juices flowing. First, a look at what may be the commuting phenomenon of the future. Next, we take a look at airline amenities and the companies that look into the future to develop the bells and whistles that luxury passengers will demand. Finally, one of the leading travel technology blogs asks why aren’t airlines taking the technology lead these days.

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The new airline Luddites

Once, airlines were at the cutting edge of technology. Flying was the first step to outer space. Autopilot controls let aircraft captains relax across vast oceans. Radar allowed planes to fly through clouds with no visibility. Can you remember the last "gee wiz" moment you had while flying?

The ‘Smile-O-Meter’ – coming to an airline near you?

What would travel be like if surly employees were made to take a smile test? In Japan, software technology rates the smiles of employees bracing to face passengers. Some service providers might be able to use this breakthrough.

Airlines and airports should welcome the 21st Century Technology Age

After examining the airlines' and airports' adoption of new technologies, Ned has some suggestions for improvements which would help passengers, reduce lost luggage, and the increase the bottom line.
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Planning the right technology for a European vacation

netbook_1My wife and I are headed off to Europe for a 4-week trip; 21 days on a set trip plus 7 more days on our own. As an author I have been accused of wanting to “stay in touch” even while “on vacation.” Okay, I admit that those accusations are accurate! I cannot be offline for that length of time, so I do have to have some technology with me. Here's what I'm bringing.

Stuff I like: 7 travel accessories that make awesome holiday gifts

With the holidays upon us, every travel pundit is telling you what to buy. After admiring last year's lists, Nick Hawkins decided to throw down his credit card to buy some of these recommended gadgets and accessories. Big mistake.
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