What we’re reading: Thanksgiving travel tips, off-duty pilot helps land 747, 7-Eleven airfare payments

Thanksgiving travel tips, off-duty pilot helps land a 747 in Dublin, Philippine Air lets passengers pay for tickets at 7-Eleven

8 tips for those who absolutely, positively must fly Thanksgiving week

I know, you've asked yourself, "What was I thinking?" But, if you must fly during this Thanksgiving season, here are 8 tips to make it through the flight.
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What we’re reading: Priceline acquires Kayak, Thanksgiving travel, Boeing starts BA 787 construction

Priceline acquires Kayak, Thanksgiving travel bookings, Boeing starts British Airways 787 construction

7 changes to be thankful for with airline travel

Admittedly, most airline holiday travel these days is more of an ordeal than anything. However, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are a few developments for which we can be very thankful. My travel Thanksgiving list follows.
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Whole-body scanners, enhanced pat-downs and Thanksgiving travel — no time to protest

It is time for a reality check when it comes to a proposed whole-body scanner opt-out campaign being organized by some grassroots activists for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Any such action will be counterproductive to efforts to get TSA to curtail the use of the machines and may create chaos with the air transportation system on the busiest travel day of the year.
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5 holiday travel tips and tricks from Orbitz

The holiday travel period, especially Thanksgiving, is full of angst for travelers and fraught with possible problems. The system is under stress and more people are flying at Thanksgiving than any other time of the year. Here are some common-sense-to-frequent-traveler tips from Orbitz that may help with the stress.
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America’s busiest and least-busiest Thanksgiving airports

Turkey isn't the only thing synonymous with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Orbitz (www.orbitz.com) today unveiled its recipe for Thanksgiving travel with the Insider Index of the busiest airports during the November holiday. This year's index features both time-saving tips at the nation's busiest airports, as well as a list of the least busy alternatives for Thanksgiving travelers that have not yet booked their flights.
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Thanksgiving survey results

The Consumer Travel Alliance Thanksgiving travel survey just closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. The picture of our readers and whether they were traveling and how they made their reservations are revealing.
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5 last-minute holiday travel tips

As much as most people look forward to seeing their friends and relatives over the holidays, almost no one looks forward to holiday air travel. The combination of full planes, unpredictable fall weather and more than the usual number of occasional travelers, can make for a rougher than usual airport experience.

The most helpful tip, as I have written before, is probably a sense of humor. Some of the things that go on in airports and on planes are the kinds of stories you couldn’t make up. (In fact, I am convinced that television and movie writers use some of these incidents verbatim in their scripts, not to mention late-night comics.)

But on a practical level, there are some things you should do differently this week. Here are five easy ones, which may or may not seem obvious.

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