Congress wants to remove regulations that protect you from deceptive airline ticket advertising. Don’t let it.

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee recently passed a markup of “The Airfare Transparency Act of 2014” out of of committee. (That means it is ready to go before the entire House to be voted on to become law.) HELP US STOP THIS IN THE SENATE BY SIGNING THIS PETITION ON CHANGE.ORG.
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DOT proposed rules: airfare + fee transparency = complexity

The airlines have created one of the business world's most complex pricing structures. Maintaining fee obscurity was a virtue as far as airline profits go, but a vice when the goal is consumer transparency.

If shoes were sold like airline tickets

Janice Hough looks at the process of buying a pair of shoes through the eyes of an airline marketing yield-management expert. After all, why advertise the price for a pair of shoes when pricing them separately makes them seem much more affordable?
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