Another candidate for the stupidest airline rule

Most industries have stupid rules. But, the airlines often seem determined to lead the pack. As a travel agent, it’s hard to tell what their stupidest rule is. But, this rule of treating two one-way fares, sold on one ticket as a round-trip ticket, ranks up there. Let me illustrate. A client booked a month […]

Sunday musings: Italy no-nos, Two-ticket savings, Private MD-WV bridge

Today our first article to ponder is fun. It is a look at what not to do in Italy, a land of legendary excesses. We then look at how to save money by combining airline tickets on your own (or together with a travel agent) and some of the pitfalls of these money-saving maneuvers. Finally, the history of a remote privately-owned bridge connecting West Virginia and Maryland gives us pause — the crush of bureaucracy even in the remote hollows and rivers is amazing.