Bicycle safety when touring in US cities

Touring a city on a rental bicycle is a great way to see its sights. Using them, sightseers can move quickly from place to place with little hassle and expense, and have a great view of everything in between. In Paris, Amsterdam and many other cities in Europe, renting a bicycle is a breeze, and […]

Choosing a cellphone headset for travelers

Last week Ned Levi discussed risks which come with traveler cellphone use, which headsets may overcome, as well as practical entertainment and touring uses for cellphone headsets for travelers. This week Ned discusses choosing a cellphone headset for travelers.

Should travelers purchase a headset for their cellphone?

Ned Levi examines why travelers should consider the purchase of a headset for their cellphone, including to mitigate health risks, problems of using cellphones while driving, and to permit the use of cellphones for entertainment and touring when the use of cellphones could unfairly disturb others.