Train travel’s best-kept secret — Amtrak’s Cardinal

The Cardinal is not a big train and it runs only three days a week between New York and Chicago. Between those frenetic metropolitan cities, the Cardinal rolls through some of the loveliest rural and wilderness areas in the eastern United States.
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    What’s better for traveling in Europe — train or rental car?

What’s better for traveling in Europe — train or rental car?

The truth is, there’s no “best way” to travel through Europe. Sometimes it’s better to rent a car, and sometimes it’s better to hop on the train. Here are 10 European travel situations, with advice on which way to go.

New high speed train connecting France and Spain

Do you plan to travel between Paris and Barcelona? If so, there’s a newly launched option for people who want to take the train rather than sitting in airports and in planes. Beginning December 15th, 2013, you’ll be able to travel by a double-decker high speed TGV train between the two cities in just under six-and-a-half hours.
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Amtrak improvement at its New York Penn Station is essential

Train travel is an important mode of travel for many traveling the world, including in the US. Amtrak is the nation's largest rail system and carries more than 30 million passengers each year. Ned Levi discusses Amtrak and an important and essential change in their New York Penn Station boarding process which should be implemented immediately.
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Riding the Rocky Mountaineer through the Canadian Rockies

A rail excursion through the mountains of Western Canada aboard the Rocky Mountaineer has long been on my list of to-do train rides. And this morning, here I am: in Vancouver watching a quarter-mile-long train in stunning blue and gold livery ease to a gentle stop at the platform right in front of me.

Do you book train and plane travel based on gourmet meals?

Some people live to travel while others travel by their stomachs. If you fall into this category, perhaps the Eurostar’s announcement will cause you to book the high-speed UK, French and Belgium rail.

Chef Raymond Blanc, of television fame, has devised new menus to (hopefully) persuade passengers that train food can be gourmet. He’s not the first chef to try to alter public opinion about travel fare and probably won’t be the last. Blanc’s new menus include dishes inspired by the rail network’s French, British and Belgian destinations.

Are trains and planes with gourmet food the answer for you? Or would you prefer to bring your own? Gourmands differ in their druthers.

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10 tips to add more value to bargain train travel in Europe

Train travel in Europe is a bargain and, best of all, it's easy — No need to adjust to driving a reverse standard on the opposite side of the road. No hassles about parking. No reason to stop for bathroom or fuel breaks. No need to break the bank with a rental car and petrol.

5 tips to avoid the chaos of French strikes

When the French strike, they can cause travel chaos and do. Their motto — Strike first and then negotiate. There have been recent transportation stoppages in some parts of the country, while the French unions have been striking against raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. Here are tips from the front lines.
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Are high-speed trains viable in the U.S.?

Are high-speed trains viable in the U.S. in the near future? President Obama has set it as a priority. But will enough Americans adopt extensive train travel? Plus will the construction of a bullet system of cross-country trains be economically feasible?

Four cities, two countries, one planet: The ultimate green vacation

Short-hop flights are bad for the environment (and less enjoyable every month), but driving is also inefficient and steadily more expensive. Tim Leffel sets out on a family vacation covering four cities, using public transportation for 12 days.
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