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    Sunday musings: TSA Genius video, knowing travel rights, travel fees to avoid

Sunday musings: TSA Genius video, knowing travel rights, travel fees to avoid

Enjoy a spoof about TSA. Be aware of your rights as a traveler — it easier to consider than do. And, here are six travel fees that hit travelers when flying, renting cars or staying in hotels.
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Stop dressing police and TSA like storm troopers

The closest that most Americans come to feeling the oppression of police is at TSA airport checkpoints. No one enjoys the experience.

TSA to eliminate freebies in Pre-Check lanes

TSA is scaling back its random selectees for pre-check. The goal is to, soon, only allow paid pre-check-screened passengers into the system.

Airport security is a farce

Have you noticed TSA Pre-Check lines getting longer and longer? There is a reason for that.

TSA fees jump more than 100% today

Today TSA begins imposing higher security fees. One way fees jump from $2.50 to $5.60 for a nonstop and more for round trips.

3 additional rules for packing checked luggage defensively

Not only is packing defensively essential for air travelers due to government and airline liability standards, but due to the amount of electronic gear most air travelers take when away from home, rough treatment of checked and sometimes carry-on luggage, and airline luggage mishandling. Ned Levi discusses packing defensively to counter these problems.
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    TSA changes security fee rules to boost administration income

TSA changes security fee rules to boost administration income

Earlier this year, Travelers United learned that the new September 11th Security Fee implementation would result in a far greater financial burden to travelers.

Large numbers of non-members in TSA Precheck lines reveal TSA humbug

Unscreened, unvetted, members of the general air traveling public are regularly being shunted into the under utilized TSA Precheck lines at airport security checkpoints. Ned Levi discusses what this means about US airport security, and what issues it infers.
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TSA gooses the pre-check program with random passengers — bravo!

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) knows that the careful screening of passengers at airport checkpoint is bit of overkill. They know that if a terrorist makes it to the airport and as far as the TSA checkpoint with a bomb, more than a score of security systems have been bypassed. When they randomly shift passengers into the Pre-Check program, they are admitting the obvious.
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Sunday musings: What (not who) is flying your plane? Abolish TSA? Dogs in airports

Three questions to ponder — Is autopilot bad for pilot proficiency? Should we get rid of TSA? Can dogs in airports relieve stress?
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