Wanna get away? Not quite like this.

Southwest called it a “technical glitch.” Travelers called it a nightmare. When Southwest Airlines’ computers malfunctioned last Sunday — Los Angeles International Airport referred to it in a tweet as a “nationwide passenger processing system outage” — the airline was forced to check in many travelers manually at the airport. The result? Hundreds of flight […]

When complaining about travel, timing can be (almost) everything

My clients meticulously booked their 16-day trip to Scotland and Ireland months in advance. And our agency worked with Celebrated Experiences, a tour operator, to get an itinerary featuring daily touring with deluxe hotels. They also were interested in learning about both countries while they traveled and had decided to include private cars and drivers […]

When is a first class airline ticket not really a first class ticket?

Upgrading airline tickets is getting harder and harder, especially for anyone who doesn’t have elite status. One alternative: simply buy first class tickets. To that end, carriers have come up with an increasing number of discounted premium cabin fares. But these tickets aren’t always what they seem. When a family was taking a Galapagos cruise […]

Why Delta and American ending their interline agreement matters to you

“Interline agreement” is one of those jargon terms that might seem pretty meaningless to outsiders. So anyone reading that Delta Air Lines and American Airlines have ended their interline agreement might shrug and say, “so what?” Much of the time, interline agreements don’t matter. Until they do. Unfortunately for consumers, they matter most when things […]

The irrational logic of airline fuel surcharges

How do you turn sour grapes into a rare and expensive vintage? Ask your favorite airline — for over a decade they’ve been fermenting profits, ever since the fuel surcharges were no longer needed to cover oil price spikes. These surcharges aren’t subject to corporate discounts, travel agency commissions or government oversight. When oil prices […]

For most travelers, Lufthansa will no longer have fully refundable fares

Lufthansa claims its latest fee will help passengers like you. But it will do the exact opposite. Let’s pull the curtain back a little on the insider world of travel. No doubt the reaction of many readers of this post will be to ask, “What’s a GDS?” And these days, consumers are so accustomed to […]

Code-share seat assignments create an airline Catch-22

Airlines love to tout the benefits of code-share flights. But the truth is, the only people they really benefit are the airlines themselves. For those who might find the jargon confusing, a code-share is simply a flight that shows it’s operated by one airline, but is actually operated by another. In some cases, the code-share […]