Is searching for "deals" taking the joy out of anticipating travel?

Getting there is half the fun. The other half? For many travelers, it’s finding a deal. Planning an upcoming vacation can offer entertainment for months, whether it’s looking at guidebooks and online views, or imagining yourself on a beach or being pampered. But too many travelers are spending their pre-trip time not with happy anticipation, […]

Delta carried most passengers, most expensive airport parking, travel apps still new technology

Which airline carried the most passengers last year? Delta Air Lines carried the most passengers on both international and domestic routes in 2013, according to the Department of Transportation. Delta carried 120.4 million passengers in 2013, compared with 116.4 million in 2012. Southwest Airlines was second, carrying 115.3 million passengers. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport continued […]

Ned’s top smartphone general travel apps

Ned Levi has tested thousands of travel apps for both Android and iOS based smartphones. Here’s a list of his current top general travel apps for smartphones.