5 rules for packing checked luggage defensively

Many air travelers think there’s nothing worse than having arrived at their destination airport, waiting at the baggage carousel while everyone else picks up their luggage, only to find their bag was lost, ripped or torn; or, when they open their baggage in their hotel, find broken or missing items.

When all else fails — read the darn rules

No one likes paying unnecessary travel penalties. And, travel agents and consumer advocates do our best to help when travelers are unjustly charged. Unfortunately, while suppliers can and do make mistakes, there are many times when the problem could have been avoided in the first place if the travelers actually paid attention and read the […]

Don’t make financial mistakes which can ruin your vacation, part 1

April arrives later this week. Summer vacations start just a few months from now. Many are actively investigating summer vacation plans, while others are finalizing their travel plans. There are, of course, many ways to lower one’s costs of vacation and increase their enjoyment too, but there are also many important measures vacationers can and […]

How cruise line cancellation and quarantine policies can exacerbate the norovirus problem.

As much as the media loves to report on the latest cruise ship norovirus outbreak, in reality, most people cruise happily without any health issues. Plus, to be fair, sometimes people who report feeling ill may also be feeling the effect of a few two many “Bahama Mamas” or the equivalent, not to mention sun, potential late nights, richer food than normal, etc. etc. However, for those unlikely cruises who end up on one of the unlucky cruises, it can be truly miserable. Even a day’s discomfort out of precious vacation time can feel much too long.

Airlines expect our patience and understanding, where’s the reciprocity?

Airlines can have delay after delay and change in schedule after change in schedule. But, when passengers have to make changes (often because of an airline’s changes), they get slapped with hefty change fees and a change in airfare. It is not just. Airlines should bear some burden of their random schedule changes and cancellations.

10 ways to save and still take a great cruise

It’s “wave season.” There are some great cruise discounts available for those seeking to book a cruise vacation, but using a cruise fare discount isn’t the only way cruisers can save. Ned Levi has ten ways for you to save and still take a great cruise.

7 times a nonrefundable fare may not be the best deal

Even the most budget conscious travelers can find that nonrefundable isn’t always the best value in the long run. Here are seven examples of when it’s worth thinking before automatically booking nonrefundable fares.

The unsettling truth about travel insurance

A new study by the Washington-based advocacy group National Consumers League (NCL) suggests that the travel insurance industry profits from customers like Tarrow by using misleading language to lure them into buying a policy, including making broad promises of traveling with “peace of mind,” but denying too many claims based on the fine print.

Hurricane preparedness tips for travelers

The Atlantic Basin hurricane season has begun. There have already been two tropical storms this year, one with winds just a few miles per hour below the minimum for calling it a hurricane. Ned Levi offers some tips for you in case you’re planning to travel in the “hurricane belt” during hurricane season.