Museums fed up with travelers’ selfie sticks

They used to be called self-portraits. Today they have a shorthand name: “selfies.” With selfies becoming more and more popular, a piece of gear designed to help make selfies, the “selfie stick,” has emerged, and is causing major concerns and consternation at museums across the globe. While smartphone selfies are a 21st century phenomenon, the […]

Six tips from Ansel Adams for making your travel photos

Ansel Adams, the great American photographer and environmentalist, died more than 30 years ago; however, people viewing his work for the first time or even for the thousandth time still are wowed, often blown away by his images. While known for his amazing landscape photographs, he was also a major innovator of systems and techniques. […]

Top two settings and techniques for your new digital camera

We’re in holidays’ mode in the world these days. For some, they’ve received their holiday presents, while for others, they are still to come. Many will be receiving new digital cameras over the holidays to use for travel. Ned Levi discusses the two issues he’s asked about more than any others, about getting great images from digital cameras.

Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative out of control

The FBI, Homeland Security, and law enforcement agencies throughout the US are documenting the activities of citizens and visitors in a national database of suspicious behavior, which they deem could be the precursor of criminal or terrorism activities. Ned Levi has examined the NSI program, and found that far too often, the actions of the general public and travelers documented in the database, wouldn’t be considered suspicious at all, by a reasonable person.

4 travel photography techniques to improve your vacation images

Vacationers sometimes miss great photo opportunities, are challenged when photographing their children, have problems photographing in churches and museums due to poor lighting, and trouble photographing museum collections protected by glass due to reflection. Ned Levi has 4 techniques for solving these problems of travel photography.

Are you ready for Independence Day fireworks?

US, Independence Day in Philadelphia, the nation’s birthplace, will culminate with spectacular fireworks in front of more than 500,000 on-lookers, many photographing the pyrotechnics. Ned Levi has suggestions to help you make your fireworks photos great.

6 tips for severe winter weather travel photography

Winter weather photography is extremely challenging. Snow, freezing rain, other precipitation and extremely low temperatures can cause camera and lens operational problems for photographers and permanently damage camera’s and lens’ mechanical and electronic parts. Ned Levi discusses the problems of making photographs in winter weather and how to overcome them.

Wildlife travel: Getting sharp photos from long lenses

More and more travelers are traveling great distances to journey on trips primarily to see and photograph wildlife. Ned Levi has some tips and technique suggestions to help travelers use those long telephoto lenses on DSLR cameras we’re seeing more and more all over the world.