House Commitee moves for new airfare law with no hearings, excluding consumers from process

A previous post noted that the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee had introduced the Transparent Airfares Act of 2014. This is a reprint of our earlier story about this misguided bill designed to make airfares more confusing. The committee just announced yesterday afternoon that it would bring this bill to “mark-up” tomorrow, April 9th, with no hearing and no opportunity for consumers, travel agents, the travel industry, central reservation systems and others to make any comments about the substance of the bill.

This proposed bill takes out truth in advertising and allows airlines free reign to create confusion in advertising. Why can’t the aviation industry simply tell the truth about their pricing instead of playing games?

Airlines still fighting full fare advertising. New legislation moves consumer rights backwards

Yesterday, a group of Representatives introduced the Transparent Airfares Act of 2014. This bill is a major step backwards for consumers and the sponsors of this bill, from both sides of the aisle, have simply not thought through what they are proposing. And, the airline lobbyists, intent on finding ways to make airline pricing more obscure, are flogging a dead horse that has been killed at least three times over the past three years.

Why are airlines dishonest with us? Are they flat-out lying?

Besides big lies that are harming consumers who want to compare prices, airlines consistently lie about the little things like calling fuel surcharges taxes and fees or, as on my latest United Airlines flight, calling an Economy Plus seat with "no" recline a seat with "limited" recline.

DOT keeps the pressure on the airlines. Once again United is fined

The FAA is keeping the heat on the airline industry. This time United Airlines has been slammed with a $30,000 fine for not posting full taxes for flights on its Website. United claims programming error.
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