US Nationals can get home despite ID and passport theft

Despite having their ID’s and Passports lost or stolen US Nationals traveling domestically or internationally will still be able to fly home without too much hassle if they are prepared and follow straightforward procedures.

TSA security test results: Replace humans with machines

TSA recently failed 96% of the Inspector General’s security checkpoint tests. Ned Levi examines DHS Secretary Johnson’s directives to improve TSA to determine if they address their systemic problems which caused the checkpoint test failures.

TSA fails at US airports, Starwood promotions, NextGen Internet connectivity

EXCLUSIVE: Undercover DHS tests find security failures at US airports A recent internal investigation by the Department of Homeland Security found that undercover agents were able to smuggle mock explosives or banned weapons through security checkpoints at dozens of US airports. The series of tests were conducted by Homeland Security Red Teams who pose as […]

Is it time to retire TSA’s full body scanners?

TSA relies on its L3 ProVision full body scanners, which use millimeter wave (MMW), terahertz radio frequency technology to detect objects concealed by air travelers at TSA security checkpoints. These scanners are in use at major and midsized US airports, scanning travelers from head to foot looking for weapons, explosives and other prohibited items. It’s […]

The TSA budget — the wrong programs have priority

I can’t imagine anyone disagreeing that security at our airports is essential. That said, in my opinion, TSA’s strategic airport security plan is out of step with the country’s air transportation security needs. We can readily see that TSA’s security priorities are upside down at best when we examine their budget. In their fiscal 2015 […]