A saga of two computers and TSA

This is a cautionary tale. My Lenovo ThinkPad computer is old—at least old in laptop computer terms—plus, it’s big, heavy, and clunky. But, it disappeared from a TSA checkpoint. Partially, thanks to TSA, of course.

Newsletter — October 25, 2015

A look at the best of and These stories cover everything from Congressional shenanigans with fees and taxes to TSA practices and bogus hotel actions.

Stop diversion of travel fees to the general budget

A coalition of organizations representing the travel, tourism, airport and airline industries as well as the travelers, is urging Congress to not divert fees collected for aviation security, to pay for the highways or any other purposes.

On airports and airport security outside the US

I’ve been traveling constantly throughout the last month, spending time in Europe and Africa. During that time, I’ve passed through a number of airports and came in contact with airport security procedures and security officials considerably unlike those which we find in the US at TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checkpoints. For years I’ve heard complaints […]

Will your driver’s license be accepted by TSA at the airport in 2016?

US citizens and residents generally use their state driver’s licenses or state issued non-drivers IDs to board US domestic commercial airline flights. Looming in the near future for air travelers is the Real ID Act of 2005. The law sets requirements for ID cards accepted by the federal government for “official purposes,” including state driver’s […]