Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the airlines aren’t out to getcha

This is not a post about families needing to pay to sit together. Nor is it about whether it’s right or wrong for airlines to charge people to sit in a non-torturous position for long flights. But when travelers pay serious money for seat assignments, you would think they’d get those seat assignments, without needing […]

Geopolitical changes and Open Skies agreements

Anyone who has been walking around Washington, DC, recently can be certain that the Arab Emirates are ready to destroy the American workforce by subsidizing their own airlines. Nationals Park feeds baseball crowds with ad after ad of unfair competition. Metro riders stride past poster after poster about unfair competition. The most amazing thing about […]

United-Lufthansa nightmare — even agents are confused by FF upgrades

Everyone loves earning frequent flier miles. Redeeming them, however, is a whole different story. There are times when using miles is simple, but it seems like those times are few and far between, especially when partner airlines are involved. Most of the time, partner awards are for free tickets only, not upgrades. But, there are […]

Most United frequent fliers will be getting fewer miles

No one expects frequent flier program changes to benefit actual travelers. We’re all used to the number of miles needed for a free ticket going up, and up, and up. United Airlines has already made some of those kinds of changes to awards in 2014, along with adding minimum spends for elite status. But, as […]

Mileage Plus "Friends and Family" change really hurts — even for big spenders

One thing is pretty clear with the changes in most frequent flier award programs: airlines have decided they don’t care about bargain hunters. And, they don’t really care about the average traveler, either. Airlines want the big spenders, airline travelers who spend their own money and those who can freely spend their employer’s and client’s […]