When is a first class airline ticket not really a first class ticket?

Upgrading airline tickets is getting harder and harder, especially for anyone who doesn’t have elite status. One alternative: simply buy first class tickets. To that end, carriers have come up with an increasing number of discounted premium cabin fares. But these tickets aren’t always what they seem. When a family was taking a Galapagos cruise […]

You’ll never get that mileage upgrade! Here are six reasons why

For many travelers, frequent flier miles are less about free tickets than about getting out of the sardine-can seating in the back of the plane. Since airlines would of course prefer to sell those premium seats, booking in advance has historically made a big difference. Even if upgrades are sold out, or the carrier has not […]

What the end of Windows XP support means for travelers using it on their computers

Does your computer run on Microsoft Windows XP? If it does, you’re not alone. As of the end of last month, NetMarketShare reported almost 30 percent of computers world-wide are still running Microsoft Windows XP, more than three times the total number of Apple computers running all versions of OSX. As of April 8th, Microsoft […]

5 reasons you may no longer be getting that upgrade

For many travelers, the most prized benefit of frequent flier programs is not free tickets, but the chance to escape the cattle-car that the back of the plane has become and sit in first or business. When an upgrade is available at time of booking, that’s wonderful. Here are 5 reasons why upgrades disappear.

3 tips for handling upgrade guilt

I’m gripped by guilt when I get upgraded or somehow score a premium seat, which happens almost never, because I refuse to participate in those addictive airline loyalty programs. But when it does, I always cast a hesitant glance back to the economy class section, where the seats are stacked so close together that you almost can’t move, and I feel a little ambivalent – and ashamed.

If at first you don’t succeed, call, call again

Airline rules are complicated enough that even most frequent flyers have a hard time keeping track of them. However, even many airline employees can’t keep track of them. As travel issues go, this one didn’t sound too difficult, in theory. A 1K client discovered he had a United Airlines upgrade expiring soon, and his son […]

PIN-sanity? Stories from the MileagePlus front lines

As the United-Continental fun continues, one of the more interesting (for want of a less family-friendly word), has to do with the new PIN system. United MileagePlus members may have already had a password and Continental OnePass had a four digit PIN. Now, everyone has a PIN. They just don’t all know it.