Top travel videos 2012 from Vimeo

The staff of Vimeo, the competitor to YouTube for user-generated videos, selected some of the best travel videos posted during this past year. I have collected three of those selected here. The lead video, above, features a trip across the USA in three minutes. The second, a similar journey across South America. The final video here is vision of Chicago by night.

America’s most unforgettable pies — it’s national pie month!

Attempting to name the nation’s best pies is like arm wrestling a bear: It’s a losing proposition. But finding uniquely unforgettable pies, now that’s something we can really sink our teeth into. To kick off National Pie Month, hop aboard the Pie Express for a trip around the country. Along the way we’ll stop for sour cherry pie in Michigan, fried peach pie in Tennessee, and green chile apple pie in San Francisco.

12 commandments for foreigners visiting the U.S.A.

Our country is vast and what happens in one place probably won’t be repeated in another part of the country. We are diverse and come in every size, shape and color. Please don’t make snap judgments that we’re one and the same.