Current cruise ship visitations to Venice likely unsustainable?

In 1987, UNESCO designated Venice as a World Heritage Site, saying “Venice and its Lagoon form an inseparable whole of which the city of Venice is the pulsating historic heart and a unique artistic achievement.” It hosts more than three million tourists annually. For Venetians, tourists arriving by ship has become a serious issue. The […]

Roll with it, folks: Venice is not going to ban your suitcase

by Monica Cesarato Originally published in You may have heard the recent head-scratching news that rocked Venice’s tourism scene last week. According to reports that shot around the Web [last month], the city was (allegedly) set to impose fines on tourists who dared to roll through the streets with suitcases that feature hard plastic […]

Great travel memories — pressed between the pages of my mind

When I meet new people and they find out that I write about travel and that I have been traveling for years, they often ask, “What is your favorite place you have visited?” My answer, “I can’t answer that, I tend to enjoy almost everywhere I visit.” I go on, “Perhaps a better question might be what destinations do you remember the most? Or, what places do you think are best to visit with kids? Or, with a lover?

Working on vacation — technology makes it possible — do you or don’t you?

I am a master at working on vacation. Some claim that my life is a vacation, but it really isn’t. Those who know me, realize that though I get to travel, enjoy great food and stay for extended time in foreign countries, I put in plenty of hours working at my computer, making phone calls, participating on conference calls and meeting via video conferencing.

Sunday musings: Advertising saves Venice, soars, Congress OKs new international baggage screening

We imagine bridges and waterbuses in Venice decked out in advertising for Diesel jeans. We are surprised by the rise of into the #3 position among online travel agencies. And, common-sense is applied by Congress to former rules that required already-screened checked baggage to rescreened at US airports after arriving from out of the country.