Top two settings and techniques for your new digital camera

We’re in holidays’ mode in the world these days. For some, they’ve received their holiday presents, while for others, they are still to come. Many will be receiving new digital cameras over the holidays to use for travel. Ned Levi discusses the two issues he’s asked about more than any others, about getting great images from digital cameras.

4 New Year’s traveler resolutions

Ned Levi has four new year’s resolutions for travelers which can enhance their sojourns. Ned wishes everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Focusing your DSLR even while wearing glasses

Many travelers correct their vision using eyeglasses. Unfortunately, a significant number of travelers using eyeglasses have difficulty focusing their DSLR cameras, and properly composing their photos due to wearing glasses. Ned Levi discusses their problems and offers solutions for them.