Weekend what we’re reading: Repairing the Capitol dome, DC’s best views, 10 Best Airports in the World

This weekend we check out repairs to the U.S. Capitol dome, we get the lowdown on best views of Washington, DC, and the Top 10 airports in the world are announced.
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View from a window — an airplane window

I have to agree that sometimes a window seat is a wonderful and beautiful thing. For the most part, I am an aisle seat person when I can score one, and better yet, an exit row traveler when the stars aligned. Both types of seats aren't of much use when viewing the sky panorama and the changing landscapes. However, on some flights I make an effort to sit by the window so that I can check out the view.

Weekend what we’re reading: Best restaurant views, gas-guzzling mistakes, ancillary fees soar

This weekend, we take a look at restaurants with best views, gas-guzzling mistakes and at the airlines bathing in a sea of ancillary fees.