Memorial Day domestic destinations

This is a list of domestic destinations that are a part of the fabric of our history— a list of 10 destinations that were important in the history of our country and our battles to expand, preserve the country and defend ourselves in the world.

Weekend what we’re reading: Repairing the Capitol dome, DC’s best views, 10 Best Airports in the World

This weekend we check out repairs to the U.S. Capitol dome, we get the lowdown on best views of Washington, DC, and the Top 10 airports in the world are announced.
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What is the future of the new American Airline’s hubs?

The suit by the Department of Justice and various states to block the merger of US Airways and American Airlines has been settled. It's highly unlikely the merger can be derailed. Ned Levi examines the potential future of the new American Airlines' hubs and their chances of survival as hubs.
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National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges open to the public again

The recent shutdown of the US government closed the entire US National Park System. While rarely mentioned during the shutdown, it also closed the US National Wildlife Refuge System. Ned Levi discusses visiting both, with special emphasis on the less known National Wildlife Refuge System and what the refuge system has to offer travelers.
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The government shutdown’s surprise effect on travelers

When a gridlocked Congress shuttered vast sections of the federal government on Oct. 1 and furloughed 800,000 workers, its decision touched tourists in unexpected ways, from abruptly canceling a camping trip in a national park to foiling a destination wedding. It drained visitors from popular attractions, causing hotel occupancy rates to plummet and hurting other travel-related businesses. Along the way, many travelers have discovered the important — and often underappreciated — part that the federal government plays in travel.

What we’re reading: AA/US Air merger talks, DC area ATC fire stops flights, Vegas neon museum to open

AMR, US Airways signed NDA, Washington area ATC fire stops flights, neon museum set to open
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What we’re reading: Date for national tree lighting ceremony, Boeing increases 737 production, Bombardier upbeat on Q400

NPS & NPF announce date for national tree lighting ceremony, Boeing increases 737 production to meet demand, Bombardier upbeat on Q400

Are U.S. monuments our new cathedrals and temples?

Are we entering a new period in the U.S. where our government has become out religion? God is dead! Long live the government and our hallowed institutions!

DC dance protest ends with arrests, cries of “This is a police state!”

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington is a popular tourist destination, but on this Memorial Day weekend, it was also the scene of a memorable protest that’s worth paying attention to.

The Newseum: Where the news is news

Cited as a "technological marvel," the Newseum presents five centuries of news history over 7 floors, 14 galleries, 15 theaters and 130 hands-on exhibits with the focus on the story behind the stories, where how news is made and how it is reported is itself the big news.