15 smart tips for eating safely while traveling

Most travelers talk about eating healthy while away from home, and some even achieve it. But, many put convenience and the desire to experience new cuisines over their health. They often pay for it with intestinal problems, tired or sluggish minds and bodies while touring, and a need to drop more than a few pounds […]

15 travel emergency kit basics

Superstorm Sandy stranded countless travelers in the northeastern area of the US, which points to the need for all travelers to have an emergency kit. Ned Levi has information for you to create an emergency kit for travelers with his list of his top 15 traveler emergency kit basics.

Eight deadly travel photography hazards

When we travel, there are hazards which can prove deadly to digital cameras, and even modern day film cameras. Away from home, we need to exercise our “street smarts” to keep safe and secure, as well as, keep our photography equipment safe and sound. Virtually all traveler photographers worry about theft. Fewer worry about the many other hazards they may encounter, which can do […]