Coping with flight delays and cancellations

If you fly enough, eventually you’ll be scheduled on a delayed or canceled flight. Last year, more than 766,000 flights (~22 percent) in the US were delayed (arrived or departed the gate 15 minutes or more late), while more than 98,000 flights (~2.9 percent) were canceled. About one-third of cancellations occur due to maintenance or […]

Newsletter – February 1, 2015

Thank you for reading Consumer Traveler/Travelers United weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to our daily email newsletter here. A week in review: Blizzard exposes cold hearts, Travel tips for 2015, CEOs demand airfare cuts and more Airlines do have compassion! But it takes a blizzard for them to show it. Airlines waived their strict ticket change rules in advance […]

6 safety tips for travelers when viewing and photographing wildlife

Summer is coming quickly to the northern hemisphere, bringing vacations for many in cities across North America, Europe, Central America and Asia. Vacationers are seeking travel to see nature in action while visiting national parks, rain forests and even underwater reefs. Some vacationers are planning ecotours of fragile, generally pristine and relatively undisturbed natural areas, […]

Rental car tips for winter travel

Winter weather is upon the US, especially in the South and Northeast. Frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and sleet have caused canceled flights and shutdown roads. Many accidents and huge vehicle pileups on US highways have increased. Ned Levi has a dozen tips for travelers taking to the road in winter to consider when renting a car.

How travelers can challenge the industry’s “act of God” excuses

It’s the time of year when the travel industry likes to play the weather card. Couldn’t check into your hotel? Blame it on that distant tornado. Flight canceled? It’s the hurricane’s fault, even though it’s hundreds of miles away. A big repair bill for your rental car? Thank last week’s hailstorm. Usually, the weather — […]