What we’re reading: Logan upgrading whole-body scanners, Mid-Atlantic hotels accused of price gouging, IAH gets Spirit Airlines

Boston Logan upgrading to privacy enhanced body scanners Logan Airport will be upgrading its whole-body scanners that will display “Gumby-like” images rather than the more detailed images currently in use. BOS will end up swapping out all 25 of the airport’s Rapiscan Systems AIT units with L-3 Security ProVision AIT units by the fall. TSA […]

Are TSA’s whole body scanners worthless?

Jonathan Corbett, an pro-4th Amendment advocate and the first person in this country to sue the TSA for invasion of privacy, figured out how to go through TSA’s body scanner with a hand-sized metal object concealed in a side pocket of his shirt. He did it repeatedly and even sent the video to TSA for […]